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June's Staff Dog Blog
Castle Howard
By Guest Blogger  //  Mon 18th June 2018
By Angela, our PA to Head of Trading
As our celebrations for Year of the Dog continue, we introduce you to Pablo, another of our beloved staff dogs.

Pablo, a Spanish sausage almost named Chorizo, as you’ve probably guessed by now, is a Miniature Dachshund. Pablo is 11 months old and enjoys as much playtime and cuddles as he can get. To say Pablo is so small, he certainly gets around and isn’t shy of other dogs at all. With his middle name of ‘Mr Squeaks’, Pablo is hugely lazy in a morning and can usually be heard grunting and squeaking should I awake him before 9am, but once he’s arrived at Castle Howard, out of his (cat) box (don’t tell him), he is full of life and woofs!

The Miniature Dachshund is at the same time loyal, aggressive, social and courageous. Being a hunter dog, Pablo is independent by nature and has a high spirit. He'll bark loudly at strangers but is friendly and affectionate to them once the introductory period is over. Miniature dachshunds are prone to back problems, due to their relatively long spine and short rib cage. If allowed to jump down from a bed or couch, they can easily slip a disk. Stopping a strong willed Pablo jumping in practice though, can be a whole other story!

Pablo is more prone to bursts of energy than longer walks and so there is nothing he would rather do than frantically run and play with one of his doggy friends on the North front lawn or have a wander down to the boathouse to growl at any ducks who dare to swim by! Pablo has grown up as Castle Howard, being just 9 weeks old on his first day here. He has recently moved to the Estate office for 3 days a week so will be ensuring no visitors get by without signing in first!

Having Pablo at Castle Howard is brilliant for making me get out of the office at least once in a while to see some of the lovely place I work, it’s all too easy to get engrossed and stay cooped up inside. Pablo loves coming to work and is such a playful, sociable dog because of Castle Howard.

Howard, tag us in your images using #dogsatcastlehoward. At the end of each month a winner will be announced and entered into the end of year draw to win a very special doggy themed gift.

Upload your photos before 30th June for a chance to win the June Dog of the Month!